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Northwest Birds in Winter

Alan Contreras

Illustrated by Ramiel Papish.

Bibliography. Index.

1997. ISBN 978-0-87071-425-2. Paperback, $19.95.

Observing birds in the Pacific Northwest in winter is both challenging and rewarding. Despite the weather and the fact that many birds are not in their brightest plumage, winter birding is growing increasingly popular. Unlike the breeding season, when many birds are territorial and observers must travel widely to see them, in winter many birds concentrate and a field trip can find amazing densities and species variety in a small area.

Northwest Birds in Winter is the first guide to the distribution and abundance of birds that winter in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and southern British Columbia. It offers a summary of winter status and distribution information for the nearly 380 regularly occurring species in the region. Detailed winter range maps and 30-year population trend data are provided for many of the species. In addition, the book includes suggestions as to the best winter birding sites in the Pacific Northwest and photographs of the region¹s most unusual winter birds.

This seasonal guide is an essential addition to the literature on Northwest birds and a valuable new resource for birders in the Pacific Northwest.

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