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Table of Contents

Prologue 8
Part One: The Dead 11
Chapter One: Tales of Murder 12
Chapter Two: “Adventurous Boys” 17
Chapter Three: Miles from Punyu 26
Chapter Four: Why They Came 32
Chapter Five: More Tales of Murder 39
Chapter Six: The Judge and “The Chinaman” 45
Chapter Seven: A Personal Journey 50
Chapter Eight: The Mon-Tung Camp 63
Chapter Nine: Two Investigations 66
Chapter Ten: “With Great Regret” 71
Chapter Eleven: Rock Springs and More 76
Chapter Twelve: “Deplorable in the Extreme” 82
Part Two: The “Innocent” 87
Chapter Thirteen: Vaughan Confesses 88
Chapter Fourteen: “Don’t Ask ... Don’t Tell” 98
Chapter Fifteen: A Story Changes 103
Chapter Sixteen: Behind the News 108
Chapter Seventeen: On a Merry-Go-Round 113
Chapter Eighteen: Claims for Corpses 117
Chapter Nineteen: A Kind of Trial 121
Chapter Twenty: Wanted: Horse Thieves 129
Chapter Twenty-One: Tightening the Screws 134
Chapter Twenty-Two: A Second Confession 137
Chapter Twenty-Three: Blooming Flour 140
Chapter Twenty-Four: Flight 144
Part Three: P.S. Keeping Secrets 153
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Secret Keepers 154
Chapter Twenty-Six: And Now, the Journal 167
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Coffin Maker 173
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Memorial Not 178
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Horner’s Epilogue 182
Epilogue 183
Appendix 185
Acknowledgments 188
Notes 189
Bibliography 201
Index 205
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