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General Introduction
Introduction: Listening to the Many Voices

Northwestern Oregon
Alexander Ross, "Astoria: The First American Settlement"
Jesse A. Applegate, "Our First Winter and Summer in Oregon"
Abigail Scott Duniway, "I Was Nothing But a Women"
Homer Davenport, "A Country Boy"
Laurence Dowrick Pratt, "Memories of Portland, 1899-1915"
Amanda Gardener Johnson, "Seven Generations I Have Known"
James Beard, "The Good Life of a Gourmet"
John Silas Reed, "Almost Thirty"
Mary Barnard, "Student Days at Reed College"
Clyde Rice, "Sailing the Bunky to California"
Luther Sheeleigh Cressman, "Becoming an Archaeologist"
Beverly Bunn Cleary, "The Great Depression"
Kim R. Stafford, "The Separate Hearth"
Madeline DeFrees, "Writing from the Margins"
Primus St. John, "The Way the World Has Entered"

Southwestern Oregon
J.M. Kirkpatrick, "The Heroes of Battle Rock"
Herman Francis Reinhart, "A Pacific Rancher, 1853-1855"
John Adams, "Awful Hard Time When I'm Baby"
Bethenia Owens-Adair, "The Story of My Life"
Robert Deniston Hume, "The Salmon King"
Annie Miner Peterson, "A Coos Indian Woman Looks at Life"
Jesse Louetta Hatfield Wright, "Married at Sixteen"
Claude Riddle, "Early Day Deer Hunting"
Angus L. Bowmer, "Shakespeare Comes to Ashland"
Curt Beckham, "Gyppo Logging Days"
Lawson Fusao Inada, "Living in the Northwest"

Central Oregon
William Thompson, "Reign of the Vigilantes"
Reuban A. Long, "A Boy on a Horse on the Desert"
Joseph Nathan Teal, "Adventures of a Buckaroo"
Erskine Wood, "Bears and Trout"
Dorothy Lawson McCall, "Christmas on the Crooked River, 1911"
Harold Lenoir Davis, "Childe Herald"
Jarold Ramsey, "Memories of Agency Plains"
Mitzi Asai Loftus, "Executive Order No. 9066"
Dayton Odgen Hyde, "Don Coyote"
William Kittredge, "Owning It All"

Eastern Oregon
Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, "Life at the Malheur Agency"
Bill Hanley, "I Start Out for Myself"
Evelyn Gilcrest, "Alvord Ranch Interlude"
Grace Edgington Jordan, "A Lost Child in Hells Canyon"
William Ashworth, "Coming of Age in the Wilderness"
Molly Gloss, "Reading and Writing Westerns"
Lois A. Wenzel, "I Am Native American"

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