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Table of Contents


Part I. Introduction
Part II. Plates, Geologic Time, and Earthquakes
A Concept of Time
Plate Tectonics
Earthquake Basics
Earthquakes in the Juan de Fuca Plate
Earthquakes in the Crust: Closer to Home
Memories of the Future: The Uncertain Art of Earthquake Forecasting
Part III. Shaky Ground and Big Waves
Solid Rock and Bowls of Jello
Part IV. Prevention and Countermeasures
Earthquake Insurance: Hazards, Perils, Risks, and Losses
Is Your Home Ready for an Earthquake?
Earthquake Design of Large Structures
The Federal Government and Earthquakes
The Role of State and Local Government
Preparing for the Next Earthquake
An Uncertain Appointment with a Restless Earth

Appendix A. Significant Historical Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
Appendix B. Glossary
Appendix C. Credits
Appendix D. Sources of Information and Websites

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