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Part I. Linus Pauling, The Man

The Roots of Genius
Tom Hager

A Pauling Chronology
Robert Paradowski

By Best Friend
Linus Pauling

Diary Excerpts
Wayne Reynolds

Interview with Dr. Linus Pauling
Wayne Reynolds

Summer Employment
Linus Pauling

Children of the Dawn
Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling, The Teacher
David P. Shoemaker

The Incident on the Cliff
Linus Pauling

Part II. Linus Pauling, The Science

The Scientific Contributions of Linus Pauling
Jack Dunitz

Early Years of Physical Chemistry at Caltech
Linus Pauling

The Original Manuscript for The Nature of the Chemical Bond
Linus Pauling

Modern Structural Chemistry: Nobel Lecture 1954
Linus Pauling

Pauling and Beadle
George Gray

Sickel-Cell Anemia
Bruno Strasser

How I Developed an Interest in the Question of the Nature of Things
Linus Pauling

The Discovery of the Alpha Helix
Linus Pauling

The Triple Helix
Thomas Hager

The Genesis of the Molecular Clock
Gregory J. Morgan

Orthomolecular Medicine Defined
Linus Pauling

"There Will Always Be Something Interesting"
Interview with Neil A. Campbell

Part III. Linus Pauling, The Peace Work

An Episode That Changed My Life
Linus Pauling

The Ultimate Decision
Linus Pauling

Meet the Press

Science and Peace, Nobel Lecture 1963
Linus Pauling

Man--An Irrational Animal
Linus Pauling

A World in Which Every Human Being Can Live a Good Life
Linus Pauling

Part IV. Linus Pauling, Facets

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