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Table of Contents



  1. Seabirds on the Edge
    The Sunshine Coast's Marbled Murrelets
  2. Written in the Wood
    The Western Red Cedars of Cascadia
  3. Winter of the Devil Bear
    Wolverines of the Columbia Mountains
  4. The Cruelest Cut
    The Tlingits of Southeast Alaska
  5. Through the Eyes of the Nitinat Chief
    Logging British Columbia's Central Coast
  6. The Land of Bleeding Giants
    California's Redwoods
  7. Bear Country
    Fight at the Top of the Food Chain
  8. The Secret World of Mushrooms
    Oregon's Mushroom Mafia
  9. The Interior Rainforest
    Seven Days Solo in the Granby Wilderness
  10. On Your Knees for Alaska Man
    Prince of Wales Island's Limestone Caves
  11. The Sky Loggers
    Harvesting by Helicopter
  12. The Salmon Forest
    Death and Rebirth on Chichagof Island



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