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Robert Boyd

Aboriginal Control of Huckleberry Yield in the Northwest
David French

Indian Land Use and Environmental Change
Island Country, Washington: a Case Study
Richard White

Indian Fires in the Northern Rockies
Ethnohistory and Ecology
Stephen Barrett and Stephen Arno

The Klikitat Trail of South-central Washington
A Reconstruction of Seasonally Used Resource Sites
Helen H. Norton, Robert Boyd, and Eugene Hunn

Strategies of Indian Burning in the Willamette Valley
Robert Boyd

An Ecological History of Old Prairie Areas in Southwestern Washington
Estella B. Leopold and Robert Boyd

Yards, Corridors, and Mosaics
How to Burn a Boreal Forest
Henry T. Lewis and Theresa A. Ferguson

"Time to Burn"
Traditional Use of Fire to Enhance Resource Production by Aboriginal Peoples in British Columbia
Nancy J. Turner

Landscape and Environment
Ecological Change in the Intermontane Northwest
William G. Robbins

Aboriginal Burning for Vegetation Management in Northwest British Columbia
Leslie Main Johnson

Burning for a "Fine and Beautiful Open Country"
Native Uses of Fire in Southwestern Oregon
Jeff LaLande and Reg Pullen

Proto-historical and Historical Spokan Prescribed Burning and Stewardship of Resource Areas
John Ross

Ecological Lessons from Northwest Native Americans
Robert Boyd



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