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Complexity and Regional Narratives (William G. Robbins, History, Oregon State University)


Holdfast (Kathleen Dean More, Philosophy, Oregon State University)

How to Create a Forest (Gail Wells, Writer and Editor, Oregon State University)

Susie Revels, Cayton, Beatrice Morrow Cannady and the Campaign for Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest (Quintard Taylor, History, University of Washington)

Regionalism and Regional Identity

Narrative Fractures and fractured Narratives: Celilo Falls in the Columbia River Gorge Discover Center and the Yakima Cultural Heritage Center(Katrine Barber, Center for Columbia River History)

Failed Federalism: The Columbia Valley Authority and Regionalism (William L. Lang, History, Portland State University)

Stories about Livelihoods: Cultural Inertia and Conceptual Confusion in an Economy in Transition (Thomas Michael Power, Economics, University of Montana)

Science, Regions, and Culture

The Maturation of Science in the Northwest: From Nature Studies to Big Science (Keith Benson, History of Science, University of Washington)

Northwest Climate and Culture: Damp Myths and Dry Truths (David Laskin, Author, Seattle)

The Greater Northwest

The Forty-Ninth Parallel: Defining Moments and Changing Meanings (Jeremy Mouat, History, Athabasca University)

The View From Above: Alaska and the Great Northwest (Stephen W. Haycox, History, University of Alaska)


Nature's Northwest: In Search of a Pacific Region (William G. Robbins)

Notes on the Authors


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