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Table of Contents


Here's a Doctor at Farewell Bend


  1. Wide Open Town: I Arrive
  2. Doctor to Buckaroos
  3. Wild West Babies
  4. Epidemic on the Frontier
  5. Delivery by Telephone
  6. My First Death
  7. Teeth Extracted-$1
  8. Accidents and Indians
  9. Prostitution on the Frontier
  10. The Worst Enemy is Ignorance
  11. Horse Thieves and Cattle Rustlers
  12. Mr. and Mrs. --and the Doctor
  13. Complaints Real and Imaginary
  14. Ills and Bills
  15. Busman's Holiday
  16. Homestead and Forest
  17. The Doc as Mayor
  18. Pain and Pretense
  19. The Golden Spike
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