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General Introduction

Introduction to Parts I-IV by Ingrid Wendt

Part I. Native Singing: Oregon Tribal Lyrics
Alsea, “Moon Eclipse Exorcism”
Alsea, “Thunderstorm Exorcism”
Nez Perce, “Morning Song”
Nez Perce, “Three Guardian Spirit Songs of Mad Coyote”
Nehalem Tillamook Spirit-Power Songs--“Bear,” “Beaver,” “Elk,” “Rabbit”
Clackamas Lyrics--“Owl Shaman's Spirit-Power Song,” “Bear Woman's Mourning Song, “Coon's Lullaby to Panther's Baby Boy”
Takelma, “When It Storms in Winter”
Takelma, “When the New Moon Appears”
Kalapuya, “A Tualatin Shaman Named Shimxin”
Klamath Incantations--“Song of the Winds,” “Song of the Skunk,” “Song of the Black Mouse,” “Song of the Blind Girl”
Klamath Songs of Satire and Social Criticism--“Showing -Off Song,” “Song of False Boasting,” “Song of Gluttony,” “Song of the Long-Legged Person”
Klamath Cooing and Wooing Songs--“Courting Song,” “Courting Song,” “Taunt,” “Young Woman to Lover,” “Accusation,” “Playful Courting Song”
Coos, “The Walkers (Animals) and the Winged Things (Birds) Fought”
Coos, “My Sweetheart”
Modoc, “Cradle Song”
Northern Paiute, “How the Animals Found Their Places”
Northern Paiute, “The Thunder Badger”
Clackamas, “Girls' Game”
Kalapuya, “A Kalapuya Prophecy”

Part II. Tales Half Told: Nineteenth-Century Oregon Poems

Anna Maria Pittman Lee, “Must My Dear Companion Leave Me?”
Anonymous, “To the Oregon Emigrants of 1846”
Anonymous, “The Bachelor's Decision”
Elizabeth Markham, “A Contrast on Matrimony”
Margaret Jewett Bailey, “We Call Them Savage”
John Minto, “The Oregon Farmer's Song”
Henry H. Baldwin, “The Wreck”
Samuel A. Clarke, from “Legend of the Cascades”
Robert Starkey, “A Specimen”
Belle W. Cooke, “Snow Birds”
Joaquin Miller, “Exodus for Oregon”
            “Pace Implora”
Minnie Myrtle Miller, “Have Mercy”
Anonymous, “Drunk for a Week”
Willis White, “Ace Carey and the Bear”
Samuel L. Simpson, “Beautiful Willamette”

Part III. Leaving the Myths: Poems in Transition

Carrie Blake Morgan, “The Old Emigrant Road”
Sam Wata, “The Beginning of the Earth”
Edwin Markham, “The Man with the Hoe”
C.E.S. Wood, “First Snow”
            from “Poet in the Desert: XLII, LI”
William Hartless, “I Am the Only One Now”
Ella Higginson, “Hate”
            from “God's Creed”
Valentine Brown, “The Chinook Wind”
Katsuko, “Two Haiku”
Tamu, “Haiku”
Bert Huffman, “Umatilla County Statistics”
Charles Oluf Olsen, “Zero Hour in the Factory”
Frances Holmstrom, “Values”
            from “The High Lead Tree”
            from “The Shearers”
Ethel Romig Fuller, “These Are the Strong”
            from “Fireweed”
Ada Hastings Hedges, from “The Desert Wife: III, X, XII”
            from “Neighbor”
            from “Silent Juniper”
Hazel Hall, “Monograms”
            from “Measurements”
            from “Inheritance”
Ben Hur Lampman, “How Could I Be Forgetting”
John Reed, from “America 1918: I”
Yoko Usada, “Poem”
Mary Carolyn Davies, “Traps”
            from “War”
            from “The Circuit Rider”
            from “Appreciations”
Joe Hunt, “I Leave the Myths”

Part IV. Pioneers on Aesthetics: Poems by Early Oregon Modernists

Laurence Pratt, “Head Logger”
            from “Chinese Laborers”
Paul Tracy, ”Herder”
            from “Horsemeat”
            from “The Plumber”
            from “Pioneer on Aesthetics”
Haralambos Kambouris, “Peripetias”
Clara Hoff, “Plow-Woman in Time of War”
James Stevens “Sunup Hangover”
            from “Forest Sunrise”
Verne Bright, “Stone Breaker”
            from “Strange Fruit”
H.L. Davis, “Proud Riders”
            from “The Rain Crow”
Phyllis Morden, from “City Vignettes”--Winter City; Dinner Hour; Social Leader; Benefit Concert
Howard McKinley Corning, “Pruning Vines”
Courtland Matthews, “From a Forest Lookout”
Shizue Iwatsuki, from “At Tule Lake Camp”
             “Returning Home ”
Helen Emerson, “Forgive Me, Grandma”
Ernest G. Moll, “Sheep-Killer”
Phyllis McGinley, “Carol with Variations”
Jeanne McGahey, “Oregon Winter”
Mary Barnard, “Logging Trestle”
             “Roots ”
Eleanor Matthews, “The Foragers”
William Everson, “The Raid”
William Stafford, “Traveling Through the Dark”
             “Deer Stolen”
George Hitchcock, “May All Earth Be Clothed in Light”
Glen Coffield, “Crossing Hawthorne Bridge”
Willis Eberman, “The Journey”
             “The Others”
Vi Gale, “Cape Foulweather”
             “At That, the Day Ended Well”
James B. Hall, “Memorial Day: 1959”
Madeline DeFrees, “Scenes Out of Sequence: What the Coastwise Know”
             “Horatio Alger”
Kenneth O. Hanson, “Eels at the Dalles”
             “First of All”
Anthony Ostroff, “Winter Salmon”
Beverly Partridge, “January Lambing”
John Haislip, “At Grandmother's”
             “The Visit”
Ralph Salisbury “Come Near the Western Edge, I try a Last myth for the”
             “Childhood of My Sons”
             “My Brother's Poem: Vietnamese War 1969”
Ellen Shannon, “Daughter I”
Ursula K. Le Guin, “An April Fool's Day Present for My Daughter Elisabeth”
            from “Luwit,” Part I: “The Grey Quaker”
            from “Luwit,” Part II: “To Walk in Here”
Gary Snyder , “Hay for the Horses”
Ursula K. Le Guin, “An April Fool's Day Present for My Daughter Elisabeth”
            from “Luwit,” Part I: “The Grey Quaker”

Introduction to Part V by Primus St. John

Part V. Contemporary Voices: Arriving and Leaving Here--1960-1991
Paula Gunn Allen, “What the Moon Said”
            “Dear World”
Dori Appel, “A Double Life”
Diane Averill, “Racing Snakes”
David Axelrod, “Skill of the Heart”
Alison Baker, “Flying”
Jim Barnes, “A Choctaw Chief Helps Plan a Festival in Memory of Pushmataha's Birthday”
Tim Barnes, “Winter Fog along the Willamette”
Judith Barrington, “Beating the Dog”
Gloria Bird, “The Women Fell Like Beautiful Horses”
            “My Digging Stick”
Olga Broumas, “Cinderella”
            “Sweeping the Garden”
Lois Bunse, “Right in the Kalavala It Says”
John Bush, “Puller on the Ann”
Henry Carlile, “Train Whistles in the Wind and Rain”
Raymond Carver, “Where Water Comes together with Other Water”
            “Still Looking Out for Number One”
Tina Castanares, “In Eastern Oregon”
            “Three Deer”
Marilyn Chin, “The Floral Apron”
Linda Christensen, “He Looks for Worms”
            “How to Act Male at My Mother's House over the Holidays”
Gerald Costanzo, “Dinosaurs of the Hollywood Delta”
Tom Crawford, “Otis Cafe”
Kathleen Culligan, “Something Learned about Fish”
Walt Curtis, “Cabbages in the Garden”
John Daniel, “Dependence Day”
Efrain Diaz-Horna, “For John Sinclair”
Sharon Doubiago, “Love Song for a Man Whose Mother Killed Herself”
Albert Drake, “Garage”
Barbara Drake, “Stink Ant”
            “Shy Child”
Jeremy Driscoll, “Praying”
Libby A. Durbin, “Between Jobs”
Alice Ann Eberman, “Finding”
Ed Edmo, “Indian Education Blues”
Juan Epple, “The Oregon Trail”
William Ferrell, “The Ground War 2/17/91”
Phil George, “Old Man, the Sweat Lodge”
John M. Gogol, “Boy in a Cherry Tree”
Cecelia Hagen, “My Children Are the Bright Flowers”
Michael S. Harper, “We Assume: On the Death of Our Son, Reuben Masai Harper”
Jim Heynen, “During the First Three Minutes of Life”
Garrett Hongo, “The Cadence of Silk”
Christopher Howell, “Bird Love”
Carol Imani, “like a wandering jew”
Lawson Fusao Inada, “The Shovel People”
Peter Jensen, “Barracuda”
David Johnson, “Li's Poem” from “Three Poems Burnished by Your Waterfall”
            “Vaudeville in the Garden”
Harold L. Johnson, “The Names of Summer: A War Memory”
Brigit Pegeen Kelly, “Those Who Wrestle with the Angel for Us”
Ger Killeen, “A Full Bucket”
            “The Sowing Fiddle”
Lee Crawley Kirk, “With Stars in My Forehead”
Amy Klauke, “As You Pass”
            “Recognizable Terrors”
Marilyn Krysl, “Feet”
Barbara La Morticella, “Valentines”
Jay La Plante, “Mona”
Nela Ladd-Bruni, “Enemy and Friend”
Wing K. Leong, “Ripe Autumn Grapes”
Kerry Paul May, “The Gift”
Sandra McPherson, “Lament, with Flesh and Blood”
Juan Mestas, “Ephesus 91”
Gary Miranda, “Horse Chestnut”
            “Love Poem”
Rodger Moody, “Night Shift”
Erik Muller, “Mare”
Michael Niflis, “Old Movie Monsters”
Verlena Orr, “Learning the Language from Dad”
Simon J. Ortiz, “Running and Fear”
            “Arriving and Leaving Here”
Walter Pavlich, “Three Hearts of the Octopus”
Myrna Pena-Reyes, “No More War, 1945”
Paulann Petersen, “The Moon Recounts the Birth of the Sun”
Amanda Powell, “Square Dance at the Fairgrounds”
John Quinn, “In Oregon”
            “The Trough at Rockwall Spring”
Jarold Ramsey, “The Kit”
Judith Root, “Free Will and the River”
William Pitt Root, “Girl Near a Waterfall”
            “The Penultimate Labor”
Lex Runciman, “Fathers and Infants”

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