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Video clip with Tim Palmer, brought to you by Freshwaters Illustrated.

“Many of North America’s truly great rivers flow in and through Oregon. This book is an essential tool for anyone who paddles, fishes, explores and wants to understand the natural history—and challenges—facing these amazing waterways. Thanks to Tim Palmer, now we have a field guide worthy of Oregon’s rivers.” —John DeVoe, Executive Director of WaterWatch of Oregon

"This densely packed 320-page gem more aptly could be called a gotta-have-it for anyone who loves the outdoors... If you are expecting a Wikipedia-like collection of cut-and-paste entries, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise from Palmer, who writes with the eyes of both a conservationist and passionate outdoorsman." —Henry Miller, Salem Statesman Journal


"Until the release of Field Guide to Oregon Rivers, by Tim Palmer, there's never been a field guide that encompasses the entire state. He doesn't just write about the legendary waterways, but includes the lesser known, including the Williamson, Chewaucan, Wood and other wondrous waterways ... For people wanting to learn more about Oregon's stunning network of waterways, Field Guide to Oregon Rivers is a great addition to any bookshelf."

Lee Juillerat, Basin Outdoors

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