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"The extensive bibliography attests to the author's attention to detail and commitment to a high standard of scholarship."

Eugene Hunn, Oregon Historical Quarterly


"Steeped in indigenous language and ways of knowing, Patricia Whereat Phillips has written a remarkable ethnobotanical survey of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians...In a rigorous blending of epistemological approaches, the words of living indigenous people are blended with botanical analysis, archaeology, and ethnohistory to reconstruct a vital plant culture...[A]n admirable example of community-based ethnobotanical research...written not only for an outside audience but also to preserve knowledge for the indigenous communities themselves. This additional and more human imperative is palpable throughout, both in the accessible presentation of information and the opening sections that provide cultural context. Drawing from her Milluk Coos heritage, Phillips shares her 'connection to a place and a family history' with readers, rendering her work valuable far beyond its botanical utility."

- Grace Ward, Economic Botany

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