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Comrades of the Quest is as dramatic as the best of fiction, beginning with a complex and doomed central character —William Trufant Foster, the 31-year-old visionary idealist and first president of Reed College. It’s a great story, brilliantly constructed and told from multiple and brief, always shifting, points of first-person view. The story never lags.”
—Robin Cody, author of Ricochet River and Another Way the River Has

“Clearly and logically organized, each chapter moves with a sort of free-association style, with one subtopic overlapping and blending into the next, which makes page-turning reading. In the process, we get a compelling portrait of cultural radicals and intellectual conservatives interacting to mold the history of a fascinating educational institution whose wide influence has far outweighed its small size.”
—Carl Abbott, author of Portland in Three Centuries

“A great book that skillfully weaves hundreds of disparate oral histories into a coherent historical account.”
—Michael Munk, author of The Portland Red Guide

“The book is almost impossible to put down.”
—Porter Abbott, author of The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative

Not only provide rich pleasure to those who know the place from the inside but could well serve as a model document for all those interested in the history of American higher education.”
—Roger Porter, author of Bureau of Missing Persons: Writing the Secret Lives of Fathers

“Not just a great history of the college, but an amazing trip through American social history... A remarkable piece of work.”
—John Kroger, author of Convictions

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