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"King Lear, that ranter to high heaven, praised his daughter because 'her voice was ever soft,/ Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman.' Deeply acquainted with pain, Hazel Hall talked of it softly. She spoke from an absolutely on-public experience. We have very little direct literary access to the kind of life she led, the work she did. Her poetry is a valuable testament, historically and psychologically, of the secret—passionate secret—life of a single working woman in a world that took no notice of her."

—Ursula K. LeGuin

"I don't know of a woman alive who wouldn't wish that she had written that the walker knows 'the truth your feet speak to the ground' or 'So tonight I know of the delicate pleasure/ Of white-handed women/ Who like to touch the smooth linen handkerchiefs... and even something of the secret pride of the girl/ As the folds of her fine lawn nightgown/ Breathe against her body.' Bravo to Oregon State University Press for bringing Hazel Hall back to life after seventy years!"

—Carolyn Kizer
Member of AAUP