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"Far too often, literature that examines cultures foreign to a reader can make it difficult to cut through the facts of that culture and enjoy the story... the story does not suffer from the minutiae of cultural detail. It is a book meant to be read as a precursor to examining your own family, friends and history"  —Stephen Alexander, The Portland Tribune

"This novel is perceptive and humane – I recommend it." -- Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Bellingham Herald

"Even though Pomeroy’s novel directly grapples with the U.S. – Vietnam War, (it) does important work in drawing attention to the underrepresented battleground of education … The most compelling aspects of the novel are the glimpses into the internal realities that complicate the external perceptions. I commend Pomeroy's novel for its efforts to explore the uncertainties and struggles of Vietnamese American identity, as well as its contribution to the discussion about student and teacher we-being that should be at the center of ongoing debates about education.” – Jade Hidle, diaCRITICS.org

"[Pomeroy] has done a lot of research to produce this book, and uses what he found well ... I recommend this book to those who love to read literary novels dealing with the Vietnam War. The characters are well-developed and believable, if difficult to empathize with due to their own stubbornness. I guess that makes them all the more human." —David Willson, The VVA Veteran (vvabooks.wordpress.com)

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