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"Rich with historical fact, fascinating characters, and often shocking personal narratives, "Breaking Chains" is an excellent telling of Oregon's convoluted flirtation with 'our peculiar institution.'" —Marc Covert, The Oregonian

"Breaking Chains" review: The Slavery Issue in Oregon. —Oregonian, 5/18/13


"We need to know history to see clearly the present shaped by it. Nokes’ book clears away some of the fog."—Jerry Large, Seattle Times

Illuminating history of slavery in Oregon a teachable moment. —Seattle Times, 5/22/2013


"R. Gregory Nokes, author of Massacred for Gold, about the death of Chinese gold miners on the Snake River, brings his substantial research abilities to bear on the little-known history of slavery in Oregon with his most recent release, Breaking Chains: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory"

Slavery a Shameful Part of Northwest's History.—East Oregonian, 5/13/13


"Breaking Chains is well researched, and the author wisely added a timeline and an index to help readers more easily track and navigate the material. This book is essential for library collections serving populations with an interest in the Oregon Trail, slavery or law stories highlighting trials." -- Kristina Alayan, Law Library Journal


"Nokes combines a rich and impressive level of research with his own familial connections and personal stories to provide an intimate portrait of Oregon's broader struggles with slavery, race, and exclusion throughout the Civil War era. Breaking Chains is to be credited for bringing Oregon's understudied black community to life. Nokes has assembled a rich tapestry of black experiences in Oregon Territory before the Civil War." -- Jesse J. Gant Pacific Northwest Quarterly

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