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"The reigning ultimate birding resource for the Northwest."

--The Oregonian


"This book… is the first exhaustive work on the subject since Jewett and Gabrielson's landmark treatment 63 years ago. If you want to know if a bird visits Oregon, and when, or breeds here, or what kind of habitat it needs, or what it eats, when it migrates, whether its numbers are increasing or decreasing, what threats it faces, this is your one-stop shopping."

--Mail Tribune


"This is a tremendously valuable and important work, and a must-have for any regional birder, ornithologist, wildlife manager, and policy maker, or anyone simply interested in birds of the western United States… One of the highlights of this book, and one that extends to birders and ornithologists well beyond Oregon's borders, is the exhaustive treatment of subspecies."

--Western Birds


"With this book and a good, handy identification guide, you're set for a lifetime of Oregon birding."

--The Register-Guard

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