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Table of Contents

Section I - Theory and Practice of Weed Management

R. L. Sheley, J. K. Petroff, M. M. Borman
1. Impacts of Noxious Weeds on Ecologic and Economic Systems
Bret E. Olson
2. Surveying, Mapping, and Monitoring Noxious Weeds on Rangelands
Douglas E. Johnson
3. Coordinated Weed Management Planning
Tony Svejcar
4. Economic Evaluation Procedures for Noxious Weed Management on Rangeland
Duane Griffith
5. Integrated Weed Management on Rangeland
Roger L. Sheley, Susan Kedzie-Webb, and Bruce D. Maxwell
6. Preventing Noxious Weed Invasion
Roger L. Sheley, Susan Kedzie-Webb, and Bruce D. Maxwell
7. Early Detection and Eradication of New Weed Infestations
Davild L. Zamora and Donald C. Thill
8. Grazing and Weeds
Bret E. Olson
9. Biological Control of Noxious Rangeland Weed
Linda M. Wilson and Joseph P. MaCaffrey
10. Herbicides and Rangeland
Alvin J. Bussan and William E. Dyer
11. Revegetating Noxious Weed-Infested Rangeland
James S. Jacobs, Michael F. Carpinelli, and Roger L. Sheley

Section II - The Weeds

Biennial Thistles
K. George Beck
Canada Thistle
Don W. Morishita
Jeffrey C. Mosley, Stephen C. Bunting, and Mark E. Manoukian
Common Crupina
Donald C. Thill, Cindy T. Roche, and David L. Zamora
Dalmatian and Yellow Toadflax
Sherry Lajeunesse
Diffuse Knapweed
Ben F. Roche, Jr., and Cindy Talbott Roche
Dyer's Woad
Erin G. McConnell, John O. Evans, and Steven A. Dewey
Meadow and Orange Hawkweed
Linda M. Wilson and Robert H. Callihan
Leafy Spurge
Sherry Lajeunesse, Roger L. Sheley, Celestine Duncan, and Rodney Lym
Mediterranean Sage
Cindy Talbott Roche and Linda M. Wilson
Heather C. Miller, David Clausnitzer, and Michael M. Borman
Oxeye Daisy
Bret E. Olson and Roseann T. Wallander
Joseph M. DiTomaso
Purple Loosestrife
Barbra Mullin
Rush Skeletonweed
Roger L. Sheley, Joseph M. Hudak, and Robert T. Grubb
Russian Knapweed
Tom D. Whitson
Tracy M. Sterling, David D. Thompson, and Kirk C. McDaniel
Richard K. Zollinger and Robert Parker
Spotted Knapweed
Roger L. Sheley, James S. Jacobs, and Michael L. Carpinelli
Squarrose Knapweed
Cindy Talbott Roche
St Johnswort
Gary L. Piper
Sulfur Cinquefoil
Peter Rice
Tansy Ragwort
Eric M. Coombs, Peter B. McEvoy, and Charles E. Turner
Roger L. Sheley and Jack Stivers
Yellow Starthistle
Roger L. Sheley, Larry L. Larson, and James S. Jacobs



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