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"Accidental Gravity represents an important contribution to American nature writing. Quetchenbach’s wonderfully crafted essays are a lyric nudge in a new direction. The genre has for too long been constrained such that only the voices of those rooted in a specific place have been heard and canonized. This has silenced or marginalized at least one generation of contemporary writers who, due to the socioeconomic trends of late 20th century America, have never been able to put down roots in one, dear place. This collection boldly opens the door for an insurgence.” —Sydney Landon Plum, author of Solitary Goose

"A suburbanite by birth and a naturalist by heart, Quetchenbach writes eloquently of the wild world. The journey he takes is both lyrical and well-informed. A bevy of birds flocks through the pages, keeping company with bears, moose, old friends, family, history lessons and observations about the plight of Earth." -Kristi Niemeyer, State of the Arts

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