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Hello, Heather!

August 13, 2015

There’s a new face in the office! Freshman Heather Bennett has joined our team as the newest student worker. We’re proud to welcome another member to the OSU Press family and are excited to have her on board. Studying business management and marketing, she’s lively, well spoken, and … loves Corvallis salsa? Read the interview below to see how Heather found her place in the OSU Press office.


TH Tori Hittner, marketing intern

HB – Heather Bennett, student worker and office assistant




TH: I know you recently graduated from Canby High School, Heather, but I remember you mentioning you also received your associates degree in a dual enrollment program?


HB: Yes, I got my associates from Clackamas Community College. It’s an ASOT transfer degree.



TH: So then what led you here to this position, and to OSU in general?


HB: I was torn between OSU and the University of Idaho, and Idaho was a little far away for my first year away from home. My sister goes here, so it was kind of a comfort thing. I just kind of grew up around business; my mom owned her own business, so it was natural. Before I moved here, I had an assistant-type position and was against working in fast food or retail. I wanted to stay in an office environment since that’s what I would like to do in the future. I thought it would be better to stay on that track and get this experience.



TH: I know you’ve only been here in the summer, but do you have a favorite part of campus or Corvallis as of yet?


HB: I haven’t been around [campus] too much yet. But I do love the new business building. And I also love the marble steps in the MU and all the big trees. That’s part of the reason I chose this school; I love all the old trees here. And as far as Corvallis, I haven’t spent much time exploring it yet. Most of my [spare] time has been spent in my apartment. Oh, and searching for salsa at the farmers’ market.



TH: Searching for salsa?


HB: There is the best salsa in the world there! The first time I looked for it was a struggle; my sister just told me it was near the water. So I walked through the whole place looking for a single salsa stand. But no, it’s in a vegetable stand: Gathering Together Farms.



TH: Well, now I feel like I need to go hunt this famous salsa down.


HB: Yes, you do!



TH: So you’ve been braving the warehouse here lately …


HB: Oh yes—the spider-infested warehouse!



TH: Ick! Do you want to talk a little about the kind of work you’ve been doing around the office?


HB: Most recently, I’ve been organizing all the books here and alphabetizing all the boxes. I haven’t spent that much time in the warehouse yet, but inventory is a main focus here. Working upstairs for Don [Frier] has involved a lot of miscellaneous items.



TH: Okay, I have to ask. Do you have a favorite, or most memorable, book?


HB: The most memorable book, for me, would be Where the Red Fern Grows. Every time I read that book, I cry. I have a passion for animals, so it’s sad. But I like it because it’s a romantic kind of sad.



TH: E-book or hard copy?


HB: Hard copy! I like holding out my hands and being able to flip a page. I don’t like staring at a computer screen; I do it all day with my phone and everything else. For a book, I’d rather just look at a piece of paper.



TH: I completely agree. Okay, last part of the interrogation, I promise. How do you see your work here affecting later career goals?


HB: I enjoy having my own office space and having to stay organized. The office environment is what I want. Well, eventually I’d like to have the fancy, closed door, but … I’m working my way up to that! I won’t necessarily be working with books, but I’m getting the practice of building relationships.



TH: So do you have a dream job?


HB: My dream job is somewhat uncertain. I fell in love with the marketing position I used to have in my hometown. That interested me mainly because it’s business, but it’s also artsy and I like that side of it. It’s a relaxing thing for me. I like the feel of a small business, but I’ve also always pictured myself working for a larger company. I’m kind of torn between those. I like the family aspect of a small business, though. It’s like one large, dysfunctional family.




Sounds like Heather will fit right in with our own business family.

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